North America

Edited by Cecilia Morgan, Sarah Pearsall and Ken Marcus

Volume 13 (2015)

Lynn White Jr.’s ‘The Historical Roots of Our Ecologic Crisis’ After 50 Years
Elspeth Whitney

Restoring Agency to Informal Diplomats in Narratives of the Vietnam War
Harish C. Mehta

Theorizing Conversion: Christianity, Colonization, and Consciousness in the Early Modern Atlantic World
Katharine Gerbner

“Emerging from the Shadows: New Developments in the History of Interracial Sex and Intermarriage in Colonial North America and the Caribbean”
Daniel Livesay

The Rise of Indigenous Military History
Noah Riseman

Volume 12 (2014)

Exploring the Concept of Empire in Pacific History: Individuals, Nations, and Ocean Space Prior to 1850
David Igler

Canada and the Human Rights Framework: Historiographical Trends
Jennifer Tunnicliffe

Beyond “The Ecological Indian” and “Virgin Soil Epidemics”: New Perspectives on Native Americans and the Environment
James D. Rice

Canadian Political History and Ideas: Intersections and Influences
Kevin Anderson

Construction and Contestation: Toward a Unifying Methodology for Borderlands History
Jared Orsi

Between the Ancien Régime and Liberal Modernity: Law, Justice and State Formation in colonial Quebec, 1760–1867
Donald Fyson

Anti‐Semitism and the American Racial Context: A Historical Inquiry
William Toll

Lynching and Power in the United States: Southern, Western, and National Vigilante Violence
Kathleen Belew

Volume 11 (2013)

The Great Jugular Vein of Slavery: New Histories of the Domestic Slave Trade
Richard Bell

Knowing Nature Through History
Liza Piper

Women and Abolitionism in the United States: Recent Historiography
Margaret M. R. Kellow

“The Wounds of Class”: A Historiographical Reflection on the Study of Deindustrialization, 1973–2013
Steven High

“Enduring Patterns of Loyalist Study: Definitions and Contours”
Ruma Chopra

“We are Brothers! Let us Separate!” Jews and Community Building in American Cities during the 19th Century
Tobias Brinkmann

Subject or Signifier?: Food and the History of Early North America
Michael A. LaCombe

Unsettling British Columbia: Canadian Aboriginal Historiography, 1992–2012
Susan Neylan

Colonialism and Resettling British Columbia: Canadian Aboriginal Historiography, 1992–2012
Susan Neylan

Recent Approaches to Cultural History: American Photography, Film, and Music
Kenneth H. Marcus

Sexuality, Migration, and Tourism in the 20th Century U.S.‐Mexico Borderlands
Marlene Medrano

The Epistemology and Politics of the Accidental: Connecting the Accident’s Intellectual and Cultural Historiography
Ryan Anthony Vieira

Writing New York’s Twentieth Century Jewish History: A Five Borough Journey
Jeffrey S. Gurock

Volume 10 (2012)

“What it Means to Be a Man”: Contested Masculinity in the Early Republic and Antebellum America” (pages 852–865)
Bryan C. Rindfleisch

Gossip as News: On Modern U.S. Celebrity Culture and Journalism (pages 467–482)
Kathleen A. Feeley

Republican Courts and Beyond: Early U.S. Political Culture (pages 399–408)
Sandra Moats

Banks and Banking in the Early American Republic (pages 409–422)
Sharon Ann Murphy

Directions in Scholarship on American Women and Protestant Foreign Mission: Debates Over “Cultural Imperialism” (pages 270–283)
Connie Shemo

Working at Home: Domestic Workers in the Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century United States (pages 284–293)
Vanessa May

Silences Kept: The Absence of Gender and Sexuality in Black Press Historiography (pages 207–218)
Kim Gallon

From Interdependence to ‘Modern’ Individualism: Families and the Emergence of Liberal Society in Canada (pages 81–104)
Nancy Christie

Volume 9 (2011)

Mark Wild
Matthew T. Witt

Representing Public Opinion: US Newspapers and the News System in the Long Nineteenth Century (pages 743–759)
John Nerone

‘Urban Christianity’ in the United States After World War II (pages 644–656)
Mark Wild

A Noteworthy Absence: How and why Race and Racism is Ignored by Public Administration Scholarship (pages 549–561)
Matthew T. Witt

The Symbionese Liberation Army: Coming Together, 1973 (pages 485–497)
Gregory Cumming and Stephen Sayles

The Question of Margaret Sanger (pages 474–484)
Joyce Berkman

The Fertility of Scholarship on the History of Reproductive Rights in the United States (pages 433–447)
Joyce Berkman

Shooting the Archives: Document Digitization for Historical–Geographical Collaboration (pages 423–432)
Arn Keeling and John Sandlos

Travel Writing as Evidence with Special Attention to Nineteenth-Century Anglo-America (pages 339–350)
Daniel Kilbride

Andrew Jackson, Slavery, and Historians (pages 326–338)
Mark R. Cheathem

The Birth, Death, and Resurrection of the Provincial Dilemma (pages 134–146)
Patrick Griffin

Writing the Worlds of Our Fathers and Mothers: The Fall and Rise of American Jewish Labor History (pages 147–161)
Susan Roth Breitzer

No Place Like Home: A Survey of American Home Economics History (pages 97–105)
Megan J. Elias

Volume 8 (2010)

Memory, Race, and Place (pages 1352–1368)
Barbara J. Heath and Lori A. Lee

Gender and History of the Postbellum U.S. South (pages 1369–1379)
Catherine Oglesby

Revisiting the American Revolution (pages 951–963)
Francis D. Cogliano

The Problem of Citizenship in the American Revolution (pages 1093–1113)
Douglas Bradburn

Family Matters: The Early Modern Atlantic from the European Side
Julie Hardwick

‘The New Suffrage History: Voting Rights in International Perspective’ (p 692-703)
Allison Sneider

The Ties That Bind: Infanticide, Gender, and Society (p 704-717)
Brigitte H. Bechtold, Donna Cooper Graves

Recent Trends in the Historiography on Warfare in the Colonial Period (1607–1765) (p 358-367)
John Grenier

Women, Gender, and Religion in the Early Americas (p 197-211)
Janet Moore Lindman

Absolutely Atlantic: Colonialism and the Early Modern French State in Recent Historiography (p 101-117)
Christopher Hodson, Brett Rushforth

Finding the Flapper: A Historiographical Look at Image and Attitude (p 118-128)
Stella Ress

Volume 7 (2009)

Gender and Sexuality in the North American Borderlands, 1492–1848 (p 1606-1615)
Ann M. Little

Rape Law in 19th-Century America: Some Thoughts and Reflections on the State of the Field (p 1391-1399)
Mary R. Block

Loved Labor’s Losses: The Congress of Industrial Organizations and the Effects of McCarthyism (p 1400-1415)
Susan Roth Breitzer

Women’s Struggles within the American Radical Pacifist Movement (p 1064-1090)
Marian Mollin

Searching for the Invisible Woman: The Evolution of White Women’s Experience in Britain’s West Indian Colonies (p 329-341)
Natalie A. Zacek

Volume 6 (2008)

Battling Stereotypes: A Taxonomy of Common Soldiers in Civil War History (p 1407-1425)
Jason Phillips

Spatial Personas: A New Technique for Interpreting Colonial Encounters in Colonial North America (p 1164-1172)
Ian Chambers

When Land Was Cheap, and Labor Dear: James Madison’s ‘Address to the Albemarle Agricultural Society’ and the Problem of Southern Agricultural Reform (p 917-933)
Lynn A. Nelson

Disaster: A Useful Category of Historical Analysis (p 934-946)
Jonathan Bergman

Local and National Identities in the Politics of Consumption: The Anti-Chain Store Movement Reconsidered (p 947-968)
Daniel Scroop

Recent Currents in the Nineteenth-Century American Maritime History (p 607-626)
Matthew Raffety

Beyond These Mythical Shores: Asian American History and the Study of Race (p 627-638)
Moon-Ho Jung

The New North in Canadian History and Historiography (p 639-658)
Kenneth S. Coates, William R. Morrison

Environmental History, the Environmental Movement, and the Politics of Power (p 297-313)
Eric Boime

The Civil Rights Movement and the Presidency in the Hot Years of the Cold War: A Historical and Historiographical Assessment (p 314-344)
Derek Catsam

From Impartial Liberty to Afro-Christianity: Assessing the Revolution in Virginia’s Religious Life (p 345-363)
Cynthia Jo Ingham

The Political History of a Postwar Suburban Society Revisited (p 364-388)
Thomas J. Vicino

Volume 5 (2007)

Black Loyalists and Black Slaves in Maritime Canada (p 1980-1997)
Harvey Amani Whitfield

Music and American Culture (p 1412-1430)
Kenneth H. Marcus

Reconsidering Women and Gender in Mining (p 995-1001)
Laurie Mercier, Jaclyn Gier

America’s Forgotten Founder: John Dickinson and the American Revolution (p 1002-1012)
Jane Calvert

Transforming an Eighteenth-Century Archive into a Twenty-First-Century Database: The Early California Population Project (p 1013-1025)
Steven W. Hackel, Anne Marie Reid

What Historians Talk About When They Talk About Suicide: The View from Early Modern British North America (p 658-674)
Terri L. Snyder

Beyond Jackie Robinson: Racial Integration in American College Football and New Directions in Sport History (p 675-690)
Lane Demas

Railroads, Regionalism, and Postwar Economic Decline in the West: The Case of Montana’s Upper Musselshell Valley (p 691-708)
Miles D. Lewis

Eighteenth-Century Land Speculation at the Margins of the Anglo-American World (p 251-261)
David Dewar

Separate Spheres: Analytical Persistence in United States Women’s History (p 262-277)
Kim Warren

Volume 4 (2006)

Judicial Beginnings: The Supreme Court in the 1790s (p 1102-1116)
Robert P. Frankel Jr.

The Native Spiritual Economy and the Yamasee War (p 1117-1132)
Dixie Ray Haggard

Native Americans and National Identity in Early North America (p 927-932)
Tyler Boulware

“It’s All About Perspective”: Using Simulations in Multicultural Teaching (p 933-942)
Kat Williams

Slavery and the Founding (p 943-955)
Matthew Mason

Heating Up the Sources: Using Community Cookbooks in Historical Inquiry (p 956-961)
Jill Nussel

Beyond the New Indian History: Recent Trends in the Historiography on the Native Peoples of North America (p 962-974)
Nicolas G. Rosenthal

Revival on the Right: Making Sense of the Conservative Moment in Post-World War II American History (p 975-999)
Darren Dochuk

Reading Landscapes: The American Suburbs (p 731-740)
Jennifer Scanlon

On the Significance of War, or Why Conquest is Not Necessarily Conquest: The Case of the Nineteenth-Century United States–Mexican Border (p 578-591)
Andrew Cayton

Gender and United States Citizenship in Nation and Empire (p 592-602)
Beatrice McKenzie

How Should We Look at Rape in Early America? (p 603-614)
Sharon Block

American Indian Education (p 615-620)
Ruth Spack

Black Freedom Studies: Re-imagining and Redefining the Fundamentals1 (p 348-367)
Jeanne Theoharis

Hurricane Katrina and the Burdens of History (p 368-372)
Adam Rothman

Technology and the World the Slaves Made (p 373-383)
Robert Gudmestad

Death and Memory in Early America (p 384-401)
Matthew Dennis

Problems and Prospects in North American Borderlands History (p 186-192)
Benjamin Johnson

Volume 3 (2005)

Indians and Race in Early America: A Review Essay (p **-**)
Joshua Piker

Thinking About the Civil Rights Movement in a Conservative Age (p **-**)
Mark Wild

Eugenics and Historical Memory in America (p **-**)
Alexandra Minna Stern

Why read Sermons? What Americanists can learn from the Sermons of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (p **-**)
Laura M. Stevens

The Origins of the Civil War (p **-**)
Nicole Etcheson

Jonathan Edwards’s Life of David Brainerd and the Northampton Dismissal (p **-**)
John Grigg

Thomas Jefferson’s Sexual Imagination (p **-**)
Andrew Burstein

Crossing the Eastern Divide: Western Civilization and Islam in the Views of Chaadaev and Gokalp
Jonathan Grant

The Feminist Appropriation of Matriarchal Myth in the 19th and 20th Centuries (p **-**)
Cynthia Eller

Volume 2 (2004)

The Long Peace in Pennsylvania (p **-**)
Jane T. Merritt

The American Enlightenment (p ???-???)
Nina Reid-Maroney

Teaching Women’s History: I Offered Social History, They Took Away Heroes (p **-**)
Sarah Swedberg

The Ideology of Early Modern Colonisation (p **-**)
Andrew Fitzmaurice

Between Religious Marketplace and Spiritual Wasteland: Religion in the British Atlantic World(p **-**)
Carla Gardina Pestana

‘On with the Show’: American Popular Entertainment as Cultural and Social History (p **-**)
John Springhall

New Directions in the History of Free Black Activism in the Antebellum North (p **-**)
Patrick Rael

Volume 1 (2004)

Colonial North America (p **-**)
Alan Taylor

Some caveats about the ‘Atlantic’ paradigm (p **-**)
Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra

Continental Conceptions (p **-**)
Paul Mapp

Canada and the Empires of the Past (p **-**)
Adele Perry

Culture across Borders in the Americas (p **-**)
Seth Fein

Comparing Early Modern American Worlds: Some Reflections On The Promise Of A Hemispheric Perspective (p **-**)
Jack P. Greene

Intercolonial and Interimperial Relations in the Seventeenth Century (p **-**)
April Lee Hatfield

Atlantic Constraints and Global Opportunities (p **-**)
Alison Games

Time, Space, and the History of Early Modern North America (p **-**)
Elizabeth Mancke

‘Urban Christianity’ in the United States After World War II (pages 644–656)
Mark Wild